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Month: November 2016

How It Works (It Just Runs Faster): Auto Soft NUMA…

Back in June, Bob Dorr gave you the thinking behind why SQL Server 2016 It Just Runs Faster due to changes in our SQL Server and NUMA configurations. Bob blogged about a new SQL Server 2016 feature called Auto Soft NUMA. As I’ve hit the road and talked more about SQL Server 2016: It Just […]

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How It Works (It Just Runs Faster): Non-Volatile Memory SQL Server Tail Of Log Caching on NVDIMM

Note: We received feedback that there was some confusion on us calling this functionality “tail of the log caching” because our documentation and prior history has referred to the tail of the log as the portion of the hardened log that has not been backed up. This feature is actually officially called Persisted Log Buffer […]

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