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Month: January 2017

SQL Server on Linux: Scatter/Gather == Vectored I/O

Scatter/gather capabilities allow more efficient memory to disk transfers reducing redundant memory copies, sorting and other activities applications may require to gain improved I/O performance. If my memory serves me correctly SQL Server started using the ReadFileScatter and WriteFileGather APIs in SQL Server 6.5 SP3.  It may not have been this exact build but as […]

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SQL Server on Linux: An LLDB Debugging Tale

You are aware of our statements indicating “Microsoft Loves Linux.”  Over the last couple of years the open source activities at Microsoft have accelerated all around me.  Recently I blogged about the design of of the debugger bridge and the use of LLDB.  In this post I want to highlight my recent debugging session into […]

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SQL Server Mysteries: The Case of TDE and Permanent Tempdb Encryption

I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (I’ve read all the books, watch Elementary on CBS every week, and loved the most recent season Four of Sherlock) so when I recently got a question about some unexplained behavior for SQL Server, I thought of the idea of posting some of these as I get and solve […]

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SQL Server on Linux: Debugging ELF and PE Images (dbgbridge)

In my last post I highlighted the marriage of PE and ELF images within the same process space to build SQL Server on Linux.  In this post I will expand upon the dbgbridge component, as mentioned by Slava in his latest channel 9 video. The dbgbridge (Debugger Bridge) is a critical component in the SQL […]

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SQL Server on Linux: ELF and PE Images Just Work

Last March I moved from 22 years in SQL Server support to the SQL Server development team, working on SQL Server on Linux project and reporting to Slava Oks.  As Slava highlights in his recent blog post, he also contacted me in early 2015 to assist with supportability of SQL Server on Linux.  I quickly […]

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