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Month: December 2017

SQL Server Management Studio Provides–“XE Profiler”

Bob Ward and I worked with our SQL Server Tool developers (thanks David) to enable ‘Quick XE Trace’ capabilities. The feature is available in the latest SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) release. Despite the deprecation of SQL Profiler several years ago, as well as various documents and blogs pointing out the older trace facilities shortcomings […]

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SQL Server Linux: Distributed transactions requiring the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator service are not supported on SQL Server running on Linux. SQL Server to SQL Server distributed transactions are supported. – CLARIFIED!!!

  SQL Server 2019 CTP2 SQL Server 2019 adds broad support for distributed transactions (both MSDTC/OLE-TX and XA) to SQL Server on Linux.   SQL Server 2019 on Linux enables the MSDTC service in SQLPAL providing distributed transaction capabilities on Linux alongside our SQL Server on Windows counterpart, supporting MSDTC/OLE-TX and XA transaction types. You can […]

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