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Month: February 2018

SQL Server on Linux: CU4 – NewSequentialId() – Uuid

  Prior to SQL Server 2017 CU4 for Linux (Linux only) the generation of a sequential UUID may not function as expected.  SQL Server’s NewSequentialId() calls the Windows API UuidCreateSequential, which is limited in SQLPAL, prior to the CU 4 update. SQL Server on Linux – CU4 advances the logic in the SQLPAL, in support […]

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Microsoft Engineering loves SQLBits

I have the blessed opportunity to speak at many customer events. SQLBits is always one of my favorites because of the great community that attends and the opportunity for me to travel to a great city like London. Well, for SQLBits 2018, it is not just me. Microsoft engineering is actually sending quite a few […]

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SQL Server on Linux: Kerberos Troubleshooting, Hints and Tips and Hard Code Debugging

SQL Server on Linux uses the GSSAPI and SSSD service for Active Directory (AD) authentication activities.   Thus, Kerberos is the path for success for AD authentication and just in case you have to troubleshoot a problem I have a few tips. My Short Story I was encountering an issue on my Ubuntu 16.04 system but […]

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