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Month: August 2018

SQL MYSTERIES: Tracing BCP Might Fool You

Today I was tracking a large BCP.exe ‘IN’ operation and monitoring the sys.dm_exec_requests entries.  The ‘BULK INSERT’ command entry appeared, showing the CPU, reads, writes, … but these values where getting reset from time to time.  Here are 3 snapshots from my system. cpu_time    total_elapsed_time      writes      session_id   start_time              command 1387        1396                    32          51           2018-08-07 00:45:42.670 […]

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SQL Server Mysteries: The Case of the Dropped AD Group Login

Dylan (who kindly wrote up the contents of this blog for me) was modifying the tests for Active Directory Login activities.  As Dylan and I reviewed the changes a specific behavior involving Active Directory Group Logins caught our attention. Imagine you have a group on your domain [CONTOSO\group] which has a member [CONTOSO\user], and the […]

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