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Month: December 2018

Viewing and Sorting XEvents Efficiently (Code Samples) – XEProfiler

I was doing backups and clean-ups and ran across a couple of sample projects for XEvent and event_sequence processing I thought others might find helpful. – Enjoy! The sample code is provided “as is” and any express or implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed. In […]

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SQL Server Linux: Directory fsync Activities

When Creating, Renaming or Deleting (remove/unlinking) a file, Linux requires the direct parent directory to be synchronized.  As documented in the manpage for fsync core changes to the directory require the directory itself to be synchronized.  “Calling fsync does not ensure that the entry in the directory containing the file has also reached disk. For […]

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SQL Server Linux: fsync and Buffered I/O

I was asked to validate  the SQL Server behavior in light of the error condition involving fsync/fdatasync outlined in this article.  An example of the error: The application does a buffered write and receives success. (This means data can be stored in file system cache, non-stable media.)  An fsync/fdatasync is used to make sure the […]

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SQL Server On Linux: Forced Unit Access (Fua) Internals

  Overview SQL Server relies on Forced-Unit-Access (Fua) I/O subsystem capabilities to provide data durability, detailed in the following documents: SQL Server 2000 I/O Basic and SQL Server I/O Basics, Chapter 2 Durability: “In database systems, durability is the ACID property which guarantees transactions that have committed will survive permanently. For example, if a flight […]

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SQL Server Instant File Initialization: SetFileValidData (Windows) vs fallocate (Linux)

SQL Server Books Online documents Instant File Initialization and the associated security considerations.   This blog highlights the underlying file system implementations and differences in behavior between Windows and Linux. SQL Server performs the following API calls when creating or extending (growing) data and log files. CreateFile – Create or open a file SetEndOfFile– Establish the […]

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