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Month: February 2019

SQL Server Log Writer Workers

SQL Server 2017 leverages up to 4 log writer workers, on hidden schedulers, to assist in transaction log processing activities.   You may find the number of log write workers has been increased to 8 when running newer releases of SQL Server to accommodate larger systems.  (Caution: Pre-release software may change before final release.) During SQL […]

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SQL Mysteries: SQL Server Login Timeouts – A Debugging Story

This blog takes you through the debugging journey, refreshing us on old concepts and introducing some new ones. Reported Symptoms ·         Random connection failures from both SQL Authentication and AD based logins ·         Failures occur from remote clients or sqlcmd executed directory on the server (/opt/mssql-tools/bin) ·         Unpredictable when failures occur ·         Non-yielding scheduler reports […]

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SQL Server Worker Thread Default Calculation

SQL Server 2017 introduced a small change to SQL Server’s default worker thread calculation, accounting for smaller environments.   When running on smaller environments SQL Server reduces the worker target. For an X64 installation, using the sp_configure ‘max worker threads’ value of 0 SQL Server uses the following calculation. On small environments SQL Server always uses […]

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