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Month: October 2019

SQL Mysteries: Why is my SQL Server experiencing lots of 17830 (TCP 10054) errors?

I was reviewing a test run this week that had more SQL 17830 (TCP 10054 / 0x2746) errors than I could explain from just kills or login timeouts. I started looking at the output in the connectivity ring buffer and the matching XEvent, error_reported event where error_number = 17830. I thought I would find my […]

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How It Works: SQL Server Lock Iteration / Enumeration

When executing a query to enumerate the locks, such as select * from sys.dm_tran_locks, how does SQL Server scan the locks and avoid impacting the overall concurrency? I recently posted on aspects of the SQL Server Lock Manager and found the iteration of the locks interesting as I was stepping in the code. https://bobsql.com/how-it-works-sql-server-login_stats-sys-dm_exec_sessions https://bobsql.com/how-it-works-sql-server-lock-partitioning […]

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