Let’s talk SQL Server to kick off the PASS Facebook Live series

I’ve had such a long, great history with the PASS Summit, Community, and all the great people that have run this organization. I owe a great debt to this community to help me build a brand and reputation for my passion and talks on SQL Server. Social Media was never really part of the equation in the early days of the PASS Summit. But eventually I would see folks writing blog posts after the event talking about their experiences and grading sessions. Then I would see blog posts live at the event itself. Eventually, twitter became popular so I would see tweets right after my talks letting me know if it was well received. And now people tweet before, during, and after with photos (some of them absolutely make me laugh).

So it is only fitting that PASS would embrace live social media technologies like Facebook Live. I was honored when they reached out to me to help kick-off a new series where experts across the PASS Community will host a live Q&A session on Facebook Live. I’ve never done something like this before (my sons are going to die laughing when they hear about this), but I’m excited to see how it goes.

So bring your questions “all SQL Server” or the Microsoft Data Platform. I’d love to focus on SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server on Linux, but I’m open to hearing anything you want to talk about (or if you want to talk about my Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers that works).

See you on February 7th, 2018 at 1pm central time (19:00 UTC). Follow the PASS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PASS-37651511063/ to get more updates on how to tune in. Follow PASS on Twitter at @sqlpass or me at @bobwardms.

Bob Ward


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