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SQL Server Log Writer Workers

SQL Server 2017 leverages up to 4 log writer workers, on hidden schedulers, to assist in transaction log processing activities.   You may find the number of log write workers has been increased to 8 when running newer releases of SQL Server to accommodate larger systems.  (Caution: Pre-release software may change before final release.) During SQL […]

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SQL Mysteries: SQL Server Login Timeouts – A Debugging Story

This blog takes you through the debugging journey, refreshing us on old concepts and introducing some new ones. Reported Symptoms ·         Random connection failures from both SQL Authentication and AD based logins ·         Failures occur from remote clients or sqlcmd executed directory on the server (/opt/mssql-tools/bin) ·         Unpredictable when failures occur ·         Non-yielding scheduler reports […]

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Unresolved Deadlock vs Scheduler Deadlock

These are distinct errors but I have found that many people blend them together.  It really takes an entire chapter to explain these conditions so I am going try to do it in a page or two? Unresolved Deadlock An unresolved deadlock is generally a SQL Server product issue.   When an unresolved deadlock is detected […]

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