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The SQL Server Installer Version 2: Just Install It!

Back in July, I told you about a new installation experience for SQL Server. One of our goals from the outset was to ensure we could iterate and enhance this experience as we obtained feedback from the community. Today, we are proud to announce Version 2 of the new SQL Server Installer. Here is the […]

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The SQL Server Basic Installer: Just Install It!

20+ years ago when I joined Microsoft I was handed a diskette (maybe it was two), and was told “Here is SQL Server. Go install it”. So I proceeded to install SQL Server 4.20 on my Windows NT 3.1 desktop machine (I won’t tell you the hardware details. It would scare you). There was a […]

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SQL 2016–Install MSVC Patch Required

I can’t emphasize this patch enough.   There is a MSVC, runtime library patch needed by SQL Server 2016 and without the patch the SQL Server service can simply terminate (crash.)  This may not produce stack dumps and the SQL Server error log often looks like it simply terminates (no logging of shutdown.) For complete instructions […]

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