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SQL 2016 – It Just Runs Faster: Native Spatial Implementation(s)

Spatial data is among, if not the fastest, growing storage types for the SQL Server database.   It is common place for customers to have 3,000,000 or more rows in a database.   Customers are tracking vehicles, delivery locations, drilling positions and much more, leveraging the information to efficiently run their business.   To fully appreciate the […]

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SQL 2016 – It Just Runs Faster: TVPs with Spatial Column(s)

Table Valued Parameters (TVPs) containing spatial columns can be used as input parameter(s) to stored procedures.  SQL Server 2016 improves the scalability, using native spatial validation(s), increasing performance by 15 times or more.   TVP Before the Fix:  8000 rows/sec TVP After the Fix: 120,000 rows/sec   ‘It Just Runs Faster’ – Apply SQL Server […]

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SQL 2016 – It Just Runs Faster: Spatial Index Builds Faster

Index creation and tessellation are often intensive, spatial activities.    Along with the native and TVP, spatial enhancements additional work to optimize index creation and tessellation was completed.   Testing reveals that building a spatial index on SQL Server 2016, with the improved design, can be more than 2 times faster than SQL Server 2012 or […]

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