I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (I’ve read all the books, watch Elementary on
Dylan (who kindly wrote up the contents of this blog for me) was modifying
I recently visited a customer onsite and presented to them topics on SQL Server
  I ran into a scenario showing my session as suspended, awaiting command and
Using SQLBCP Native/Format File vs Text File and the BOM SQL Server Bulk Copy
This blog takes you through the debugging journey, refreshing us on old concepts and
Today I was tracking a large BCP.exe ‘IN’ operation and monitoring the sys.dm_exec_requests entries. 
SQL Mysteries: Why am I​​ Still Seeing 17830​​ Errors? I was recently contacted by​​ Christophe Laporte​​ posing​​ a very
I was reviewing a test run this week that had more SQL 17830 (TCP
You need to make sure to order the events by event_sequence when doing analytics