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SQL Mysteries: Why am I Still Seeing 17830 Errors?

Why does a simple login and logout generated a 17830 error?

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Using SQL Server’s SNITrace to Troubleshoot Networking Issues

Learn how to troubleshoot SQL Server networking issues using network, XEvent and SNITracing.

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SQL Mysteries: Why is my SQL Server experiencing lots of 17830 (TCP 10054) errors?

I was reviewing a test run this week that had more SQL 17830 (TCP 10054 / 0x2746) errors than I could explain from just kills or login timeouts. I started looking at the output in the connectivity ring buffer and the matching XEvent, error_reported event where error_number = 17830. I thought I would find my […]

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How It Works: SQL Server LOGIN_STATS (sys.dm_exec_sessions)

To track the login statistical information, enable the sp_configure value ‘common criteria compliance enabled‘ setting and restart SQL Server. The sys.dm_exec_sessions DMV is one way to query the statistical login information. The rows shown in this example belong to the sa user on my system. The values are different because the values are obtained when […]

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