SQL Server on Linux uses the GSSAPI and SSSD service for Active Directory (AD)
Windows provides an option for CreateFile to delete a file when the file is
  Overview SQL Server relies on Forced-Unit-Access (Fua) I/O subsystem capabilities to provide data
Last March I moved from 22 years in SQL Server support to the SQL
In my last post I highlighted the marriage of PE and ELF images within
  Prior to SQL Server 2017 CU4 for Linux (Linux only) the generation of
As pointed out in my previous post, debugging on Linux brings a few new
You are aware of our statements indicating “Microsoft Loves Linux.”  Over the last couple
SQL Server will ship Azure SQL Database Edge:https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/sql-database-edge With the announcement I can tell
  I ran into a scenario showing my session as suspended, awaiting command and